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More ESB 4.7 Changes

Bringing the ESB Editor in line with ESB 4.7 required some additional changes since CR1. These changes include:

  • Removing the outdated SmooksTransformer action from the list of Transformation actions (JBIDE-5472).
  • Adding a list of possible values to the BPMProcessor for the Command property: NewProcessInstanceCommand, StartProcessCommand, and CancelProcessInstanceCommand (JBIDE-5489).
  • Linking the Smooks Editor to other properties such as wsdlTransform for the SOAP Proxy action (JBIDE-5492) where Smooks files are referenced.
  • Adding missing properties to the FTP Listener (JBIDE-5547), JBR Listener, JBR Bus, and JBR Provider (JBIDE-5548), EJBAction (JBIDE-5552).

Easier Way to Create ESB Action Classes

We've made it easier to create custom ESB actions in the editor.

  1. New class wizard is customized: its title is "New ESB Action" instead of "New Java Class".
  2. Wizard New | Other | ESB | ESB Action is added as requested in description - it creates ESB action java class rather than action element in esb.xml.
  3. New Custom Action wizard in ESB editor reuses this action when link on 'class' attribute is invoked.

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Ability to Add Targets to a Notifier list

For example, a NotificationList for an error notifier (see page 119 of Progammer's Reference for ESB 4.7) has a list of Target elements, each with its own class and properties list. You can now define those notifier targets and set their requisite properties in the eidtor.

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New Router Actions Added to List

Support has been added for the EchoRouter (JBIDE-5637), XPathRouter (JBIDE-5625), RegexRouter (JBIDE-5626), and variations of the Content-Based Router - Drools, Generic, Regex, and XPath (JBIDE-5627).