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Maven Project Example

It is possible to create a Maven project example with no Eclipse metadata.

The following is an example of the use of a pure Maven project example:

<project> <category>Weld 1.0.1</category> <name>weld-jsf-login</name> <included-projects> weld-examples-parent,weld-jsf-login </included-projects> <shortDescription>Weld JSF login example</shortDescription> <description> The example demonstrates user login/logout for an application that uses JSF. It will create the weld-examples-parent and weld-jsf-login project in your workspace. </description> <size>17532</size> <url>http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/workspace/snjeza/weld-examples/weld-jsf-login-1.0.1-examples.zip&lt;/url> <importType>maven</importType> <importTypeDescription>The project example requires the m2eclipse-core, m2eclipse-wtp and JBoss Maven Project Examples feature.</importTypeDescription> </project>

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