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Project Examples

Opening cheatsheet on import project

Project examples plugin can now open a .cheatsheet.xml or cheatsheet.xml when a project is imported.

For now this feature must be enabled manually using the Window>Preferences>JBoss Tools>Project Examples preferences page.

Related JIRA : JBIDE-14332

Show in Cheat Sheets view.

There is now a new action in the "Show in" context menu: the Show in Cheat Sheets action.

This allow you to easily re-open or test a cheatsheet.xml found in examples.

The action is enabled for the Java, J2EE, JBoss and PDE perspectives.

See of this in action.

Related JIRA : JBIDE-14334

New cheatsheet commands

We have added new context sensitive parameterized commands for open file, show type etc. The commands can be used when creating cheatsheets.

getProjectForCheatsheet Used to store currentProject so you can refer to it in other commands
openFileInEditor(path,fromLine,toLine) Used to open a file in an editor and highlight lines of a text from fromLine to toLine

These commands can be used like any other command in a cheatsheet. Example of this working in a project can be found at helloworld-cheatsheet


Related JIRA : JBIDE-14333