Hibernate Tools 3.2.4.GA What's New

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Use DTP Connection

Hibernate console configuration can now use a Data Tools Project (DTP) connection configured in Eclipse instead of the default hibernate connection settings.

Improved Exporter property editor

Exporter properties now have type specific input fields instead of just a simple text field.

More validation in Console configuration wizard

Default console name is now generated so it is unqiue avoiding warnings and the name is furthermore checked for invalid filename characters preventing any errors doing save.

JPA Projects


Generate JPA/Hibernate Annotations

We added a "Generate JPA/Hibernate Annotations" entry in the Source menu of java elements (classes, packages, source directories etc.). This menu will analyze the source code and do a best-guess on how to enable persistence for you model.

Here we have chosen to Generate JPA/Hibernate Annotations on single class and the list of classes that will touched to make this model persistent is shown.

Users can press Preview... to see which changes will be done. Notice that bi-directional assocations is mapped automatically.

JPA/Dali support

We added support for Hibernate to the Dali plugins provided by Eclipse WTP.

This makes Hibernate available as a target platform for JPA projects.

This include enabling "Generate DDL" and "Generate entities" from the JPA menu.

There is also a JPA validator that registers GenericGenerator annotations as possible values to GeneratedValue annotations preventing false errors from Dali validation.

Hibernate page in persistence.xml

We now have a Hibernate specific page in the persistence.xml editor for JPA projects to provide a form UI for Hibernate specific properties.

JPA Project Generate Entities

We now provide support for JPA Project Generate Entities action and allow you to use a DTP connection directly or use a Hibernate Console configuration for the basis of the generation.

Console configuration created for JPA project

When a JPA/Dali project is created we now automatically setup a Hibernate Console configuration for the project allowing full usage of Hibernate Tools features without additional setup.

Reverse engineering


Reverse engineering now detects one-to-one associations via primary key and both hbm.xml and annotation generation generates the proper code for it.

The detection is enabled by default (except for Seam 1.2 and Seam 2.0) reverse engineering. For Hibernate Tools generation there is a checkbox to disable if not wanted.