Hibernate tools 3.3.0.M3 What's New

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Dali Integration

Validation via NamingStrategy

When using Hibernate Platform with Dali (JPA Tooling) we now validate through the chosen NamingStrategy (if none chosen the default NamingStrategy is used).

This allows those users who have custom naming strategies in place to utilize the nice Dali JPA validation of wether the reference table and column names are enabled.

Note: Remember for Dali validation to work you have to enable the JPA facet on your project and have the chosen DTP connection be connected to the database. If not, Dali will not perform any validation!

In case you do not want the NamingStrategy to be used, i.e. your NamingStrategy requires custom setup or have dependencies not available during design time you can disable the use of it on the Hibernate project preference page.

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Hibernate specific annotations

The JPA UI and validation has been extended to cover a few more Hibernate specific annotations.

  • @GenericGenerators (before only supported the singular @GenericGenerator
  • @DiscriminatorFormula
  • @NamedQuery
  • @NamedNativeQuery
  • @Embeddable with associations (not allowed in JPA spec, but ok in Hibernate)

This means that these annotations now have UI support and if possible also validated in Dali.

This screenshot shows a @NamedQuery being edited/shown in the UI.

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hbm.xml Wizard now generates mapping for object graph

When using New Hibernate Mapping wizard the generated hbm.xml now contains basic mappings for properties and associations.

You can select a package or multiple individual classes and then from there the wizard will traverse the object graph and generate mappings for the full object graph.

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Pending... node

Creation/opening of a Console Configuration is now visualized with a Pending... node until it completes.

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Mapping Diagram

The mapping diagram now has support for showing Grid, Rules and Snap-to-Geometry.

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