Hibernate tools 3.4.0.Beta1 What's New

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Dali Integration

Use Schema and Catalog Specified for JPA Project

Console Configuration now uses schema and catalog specified for JPA project as if they were in hibernate.properties file. User can set the schema/catalog name at project creation wizard or at project properties page. Note schema and catalog in hibernate.properties or explicit properties file will still overwrite the properties specified for the project.

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HQL Editor

Properties in HQL Editor

HQL Editor in addition to the entity's class properties now show parent class properties.

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Support comments in HQL Editor

Single-line comments now supported in HQL editor. As HQL language doesn't support comments itself they are just removed from the query before query execution.

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Hibernate Code Generation Configurations

Checkbox "Use generation in external process"

Possibility to run code generation in external process.

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Query Exporter was added

Possibility to execute Query Exporter from Hibernate Tools Core

Query Exporter in generated Ant code

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