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Dali Integration

Validate @TypeDef

Added validation of org.hibernate.annotation.TypeDef annotation. The typeClass attribute should contain a name of the class which implements(directly or indirectly) one of:

  • org.hibernate.type.Type
  • org.hibernate.usertype.UserType
  • org.hibernate.usertype.CompositeUserType
  • org.hibernate.usertype.UserCollectionType

Validation of org.hibernate.annotation.Type annotation was updated according this rule.

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Validate @ForeignKey

Added validation of inverseName attribute of org.hibernate.annotation.ForignKey annotation. @ForignKey annotation can be used in OneToMany, ManyToOne, OneToOne and ManyToMany relationships. Inverse name should be validated only in ManyToMany relationships at owner side.

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Create ui for @GenericGenerators

Created ui for org.hibernate.annotation.GenericGenerators which hold many @GenericGenerator.

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Create ui for @TypeDef(s)

Created ui for org.hibernate.annotation.TypeDef and TypeDefs annotations.

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Create ui for @Type

Created simple ui for org.hibernate.annotation.Type annotation.

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Process package-info.java

Package level annotations

  • org.hibernate.annotation.GenericGenerator(s)
  • org.hibernate.annotation.TypeDef(s)
  • org.hibernate.annotation.NamedQuery(es)
  • org.hibernate.annotation.NamedNativeQuery(es)
now handled by the model and validator. There is also ui for the annotations.

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