JST/JSF 3.1.0.M4 and 3.1.0.CR1 What's New

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Refactoring / References Search

Search EL references to Java Method or Property Find references and rename now supported through context menu or Ctr+Shift+G for:
  • Manage Bean's property/method
  • JavaBean property/method
  • Message Bundle property

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Code Assists

JSF 2 Composite Component Attributes

Content assist now understands composite componenents from JSF 2. When you use a composite component code assist reads the component metadata and provide code completion for the components attributes.

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Resource Bundle Content Assist from includes

Resource bundles (f:loadBundle) included in templates are now considered when perfoming content assist in files that uses the templates.

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EL Hoover Doc

Content assists for expression language now shows Java doc if available for referenced methods.

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Content Assist on CSS class names

Content assists for "class" and "styleClass" attributes for html and jsf tags shows CSS available on the page.

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Content Assist on JSF Tags

Content assists supports multiple namespaces with the same URI.

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Hyperlinking in XML/JSP/XHTML Editors

CSS Class Hyperlink

CSS Class Hyperlink for "class" attribute of HTML-tags searches and opens the CSS-classes defined in stylesheets loaded using JSF tags like <a:loadStyle />

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CSS Style Editing

'CSS Properies' view

'CSS Properties' view can be used in for jsp files to edit styles inside style node.

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Properties Editor

Properties editor now supports search in property file using regular expressions

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Content Navigation

Open-on now understands EL substitution. Allowing openOns to work on expresssions like #{images}/seamlogo.png. This will work if #{images} is defined and resolves to a folder where seamlogo.png is present.

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Palette View

JBoss Tools Palette is hooked into standard Eclipse GEF Palette view. Now it can be accessed from "Window->Show View->Palette".

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RichFaces Support

3.3.2.S1 release included

Richfaces 3.3 Capability was updated to Richfaces 3.3.2.SR1 release

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