JST/JSF 3.1.0.CR2 What's New

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Optional namespace

You no longer need to type the right namespace to get code completion for it, i.e. code completion on "convert" will give you the option to code complete "f:convertDateTime", the namespace part will be added automatically.

In case a tag exists in the default name space it will be shown first as in the above screenshot.

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Default Name Spaces

Default Name Spaces are now fully supported by Content Assist.

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Rich menuItem

Content assist now shows path and image files for attribute "icon" of <rich:menuItem /> tag.

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Web XML Editor

The list of defined Servlet Names is shown in combo-box for "Servlet-Name" attribute in "Add Servlet Mapping" dialog.

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Tool tip is shown for tag/attributes in XHTML editor.

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web.xml validation

The validator now no longer complains about query paramters in error page locations of web.xml.

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JSF Support

Faceleted taglib in *taglib.xml

Faceleted taglib in *taglib.xml is supported now with XSD schema location.

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