JST/JSF 3.2.0.Beta2 What's New

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EL validation

We continue working on performance problems with EL validation in big projects and have improved it for Beta2. Our tests projects show us that now it works 10 x faster comparing to JBT 3.2.0.M2.

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EL refactoring

We also have improved performance of EL refactoring. It works now much faster for really big projects.

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Properties Editor

Properties editor now supports search in property file using simple templates (not only regular expressions).

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JSF 2.0

Code completion

Code completion for #{cc.attrs.<name>.*} in composite components files based on <cc:attribute type="..." .../> is now supported:

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Composite components directory refactoring is now available:

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RichFaces 4.0

Project templates

New JSF 2.0 & RichFaces 4.0 project template is available in New JSF Project wizard:

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JBoss Palette

There are new Ajax4Jsf 4 and RichFaces 4 groups in the palette.

Be aware that these groups are hiden by default because they are still experimental. You can enable them via Show/Hide menu:

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