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JSF @FacesConverter validation

Eclipse JSF Tools (WTP) has an issue with faces converter validation. It does not support faces converters that are configured via @FacesConverter. If your project uses such converters in <f:converter converterId="..."/> you will get a false warning which can be annoying. In JBoss Tools 3.3.0.M5 we have added a new quick fix which will help you to disable Facelet Validator to get rid of that warning.

Be aware that if you do disable this validation it is not only faces converters validation you disable it is all the validaiton provided by Eclipse WTP Facelets support.

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Code Completion

Code completion for message bundles in EL shows detailed information about the corresponding bundle:

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Configuring Problem Severity via Quick Fix

We now provide an "Configure Problem Severity" quickfix for all warnings done by JBoss Tools validator (CDI, JSF, Seam). This is useful if your application uses CDI programatically or you use CDI components that is not detectable by the tooling. Then you can lower the amount of possible false warnings.

Tip: Please report if you find false warnings you believe the tools should be able to avoid reporting in the first place.

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Opening *.inc and *.php files with HTML Editor

It's now possible to open *.inc and *.php files with JBoss Tools HTML Editor.

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Red Hat Bugzilla & JBoss JIRA mylyn repositories

JBoss Tools provides Red Hat Bugzilla & JBoss JIRA repositories for mylyn connectors.

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