JST/JSF/HTML 4.1.0.Beta1 What's New

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jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Palette

There are a few new jQuery Mobile widget wizards available in jQuery Mobile Palette for HTML5 files:

1. Panel:

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2. Grouped Buttons:

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3. Collapsible Set:

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There are also some minor enhancements of wizards introduced in 4.1.0.Alpha:

New content assist is now available for URL properties in New JQM Widget wizards. Just use Ctrl+Space to see all the available pages, dialogs, popups and panels declared in the file you are editing:

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OpenOn for

A new hyper link (Ctrl+Click) for multi-page HTML files is now available. Just use Ctrl+Click on <div data-role="page"> to open this particular page with the default browser or BrowserSim:

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jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 Page Template

New HTML5 jQuery Mobile page template was updated to the new JQM 1.3.1:

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