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JBoss Maven Integration

Conversion of jar dependencies to Maven dependencies

Since we introduced this feature in JBT 4.0.0.Alpha1, we've made a *lot* of improvements to help you convert your Eclipse project dependencies to Maven.

So, in no particular order :

  • JBIDE-12527 : Now converts EAR dependencies found in the lib folder or referenced in the Deployment Assembly page
  • JBIDE-12550 : No more UI freezes during long running identifications
  • JBIDE-12702 : As a last resort, is queried when all other identification methods fail
  • JBIDE-12530 : When some identified dependencies can not be resolved by Maven, you can access the Maven Repository wizard via a link, in order to update your settings.xml
  • JBIDE-12551 : You can manually relaunch / stop the identification process
  • You can configure the remote (Nexus) repositories queried during identification
  • JBIDE-12529 : You can now decide to delete all existing jars from your project with the "Delete original references from project" checkbox
  • ... and plenty of small usability bugs were squashed