ModeShape 3.3.0.M1 What's New

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Last revised May 12, 2011

Publishing Operations Dialog

Two enhancements were made to the Publishing Operations Dialog:

  • publish areas are now selectable, and
  • a resource versioning option was added.

The known "publish areas" of the selected ModeShape repository are now selectable. These "publish areas" are paths within the repository where uploaded files will be sequenced. If you don't want to use one of these known areas, you can always type in a different path.

The option to version resources is made at the time resources are published. If a resource is set to be versioned by the ModeShape repository, then subsequent uploads of that file, that have versioning enabled, will create a new version of that file. No check is made to determine if the version being uploaded is any different than the latest version in the repository. On the other hand, if a file is published without versioning, only one copy of that file is stored in the repository. When the dialog is first displayed, the state of the checkbox used to enable versioning is set to the current value of the "enable versioning" ModeShape preference (discussed below). However, you can always change the value or even click the link to open the appropriate preference page.

Here is what the ModeShape Publishing Operations Dialog looks like:

ModeShape Publishing Operations Dialog

Preference Pages

ModeShape Tools preferences are now found on two preference pages:

  1. General Preference Page - includes general settings to control the publishing operations with ModeShape servers.
  2. Ignored Resources Preference Page - includes settings to control which files and folders are filtered out of your publishing operations. This is a replacement for the filtered file and folder preferences.

The General Preference Page currently only has a setting to control if published resources will be versioned by the ModeShape server. This versioning preference is used by the Publishing Operations Dialog.

Here is what the ModeShape General Preference Page looks like:

ModeShape General Preference Page

The Ignored Resources Preference Page is where you identify the name patterns of files and folders that you do not want involved in your publishing operations. An ignored resource pattern will apply to both files and folder names and can contain the '*' (zero or more characters) and '?' (one character) wildcard characters.

Here is what the ModeShape Ignored Resources Preference Page looks like:

ModeShape Ignored Resources Preference Page