OpenShift 2.3.0.Beta3 What's New

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OpenShift Explorer

Show environment

There is now a "Show environment variables" action that will open a console which shows the environment variables currently set on your application. This menu available is available on all applications in OpenShift Explorer.

show environment environment variables

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Port forwarding

You can now enable port forwarding for OpenShift applications. You start it via the context menu in OpenShift Explorer.

port forwarding menu

When starting port forwarding a dialog will show up with the ports that are possible to forward.

port forwarding

In here you can press "Start All" and port forwarding will begin. To stop Port forwarding just open this dialog again and press "Stop All".

The default local address is set to and in case the remote port is not available a random one will be found for it.

In case your OS supports it you can uncheck 'Use as the local address for all services' to make it use the same local address as remote.

Finally you can click 'Find free ports for all services' in case you do not want to use the default remote port numbers.

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Delete Domain

You can now Delete a domain. This will only successfully work for domains without applications. You have to delete the applications first.

Be aware that this action is not possible to undo. Thus be sure you have proper backup of the data you need from these applications.
delete domain

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OpenShift Application Wizards

Import into any existing project

Import of OpenShift applications is now no longer limited to use specific project types besides requiring it is either shared with Git or not Team shared at all. Previous versions require it to be java/WTP project.

select any project

B3 has a typo in the label - it is not only git shared projects, you can also select non-shared projects.

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Scalable applications

Recent versions of OpenShift allows creation of scalable applications and also specify the size of the gear your application will run on.

The application wizard now supports this and the settings available to you depend on your account type.

If you do not care for scaling or gear size then simply just leave the default values as is.

create scalable applications

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OpenShift Server Adapter

Multimodule projects OpenShift applications can now be multimodule maven projects and is handled both by the import wizard and server adapter.

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OpenShift Java Client

REST client We rewrote the existing openshift-java-client to use the new RESTful service that's now available for OpenShift.
It's already pretty stable since this is what we use in our Eclipse based tooling. The source is hosted at github:

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