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OpenShift Express Application Wizard

New Wizard We developed a wizard that allows you to create an application on OpenShift Express and import it to your Eclipse workspace. The wizard holds all operations involved in creating a new application on OpenShift Express.

new openshift express application

the first page requires you to privide your OpenShift Express credentials. If you have no account yet, you may get to the signup page by clicking the link on the top of this page.


You may eventually have to create a domain first.


Once you have a domain, the wizard allows you to create a new application.

new application

And then lists all your applications.


A dialog lists the details for your new application.

application info

The last step involved determines to what local location the git repository is cloned to. You may also instruct the tooling to create an Eclipse WTP server adapter for your application. It will allow you to publish changes to the OpenShift Express PaaS.

import project

The wizard will then clone the repo...

git repository

...import the OpenShift Express application to your workspace...

imported project

...and create the Eclipse WTP server adapter for you.

server adapter

server adapter editor

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OpenShift Express REST client

REST Client We also developed a client for the OpenShift Express REST service. It pretty much offers all features that are currently available in the rhc-* command line tools (create/rename a domain, create/destroy applications, list all existing applications, available cartridges, read the application log etc.).
Even though it's pretty new, it's code base is pretty well tested since it's well covered by unit-tests and used in our application wizard and the Forge OpenShift Express plugin. The plug-in is currently still an osgi bundle, but we will strip its Eclipse dependencies and move it to github at some point.
You may check the current code in our SVN.

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