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"Commit and Push" contributed to EGit Prior versions of JBoss Tools for OpenShift added a "Commit and Push" action to the git context menu. We now removed this and contributed this functionality to the commit dialog in Eclipse EGit. You can read about it in the EGit 2.1 New and Noteworthy

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EGit repo corruption fixed We discovered a problem where EGit was corrupting a git repository. The corruption occurred if you deleted a git-shared project and created a new project and git repository with the very same name. We contributed the fix to EGit and it'll be available in EGit 2.1.

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SSH Keys Management wizard

New SSH Keys management wizard In Alpha2 we now added a whole new wizard that allows you to manage your ssh keys on OpenShift. You'll get there from the context-menu in the OpenShift Explorer. We also provide links to it when you create a domain or application.

manage your ssh keys

Once you are in the wizard you'll spot the public keys you already added to OpenShift.

add new public key

Buttons allow you to get to dialogs to create a whole new keypair or add your existing key:

add new public key

add existing public key

The wizard of course also allows you to remove keys from OpenShift.

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OpenShift Domain wizard

Separated keys from domain creation So far you had to provide your SSH when you created your domain. This was far from ideal since there was no way to add keys once you had your domain. We now provide a whole new wizard that is dedicated to managing your OpenShift keys. If you now create a domain you will only have to choose a name for it. There's no choosing a key any more.
A link in the bottom of the domain wizard allows you to get to the keys management wizard.

create a new domain

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OpenShift application wizard

Can't create if no public keys We'll check if you have any public SSH keys on OpenShift once you're up to create a new OpenShift application. We'll display an error if you haven't. A link allows you to get to the SSH management wizard where you can create and add the required key(s).

no ssh public key

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