OpenShift 2.5.1.Alpha1 What's New

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Application Wizard

Create applications with your own source You can create a new application with your very own source code since JBoss Tools 4.0.

use your own source code

There are openshift quickstarts that require long timeouts because the size of the source code being checked out is very large. Another frequent requirement is that embedded (add-on) cartridges have to be present when the application is created. Adding the cartridges in a 2nd step wont help; the initial application build fails. It was not possible, for example, to create the OpenShift wordpress quickstart at within JBoss Tools. The update to 4.1.1.Alpha1 fixed this.

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OpenShift java client

Embeddables cartridges at application creation time The openshift-java-client now allows you to provide embeddable cartridges when you create an application. Previously these could only get added once the application was ready. This might be required when you use your own application template source.

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Specific timeouts The openshift-java-client now allows you to use a specific timeout in your operation. This is useful if you know that it takes much longer to create your application with your custom source than it takes for the default. Previously you had to increase the global timeout.

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