JBoss Tools Portlet 1.0.0.GA - New and Noteworthy

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JBoss Tools Portlet

JBoss Portlet Support

The JBoss Portlet feature is available as part of JBoss Tools 3.0.0. JBoss Tools supports the JSR-168 Portlet Specification (Portlet 1.0), JSR-286 Portlet Specification (Portlet 2.0) and works with PortletBridge for supporting Portlets in JSF/Seam applications. To enable these features, you need to add the JBoss Portlet facet to a new or an existing web project.

JBoss Portlet facet

The JBoss Portlet feature provides the Java, JSF and Seam Portlet facets.

The JBoss Portlet Facet

Java Portlet

This wizard enables creating a JSR-186/JSR-286 compliant portlet.

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

You can optionally configure JBoss portal specific deployment descriptors.

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

JSF/Seam Portlet

The JSF and Seam Portlet wizards create a JSF/Seam portlet that uses JBoss Portlet Bridge

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

The JBoss Portlet Wizard

The JBoss Portlet Wizard


You can deploy portlet projects to JBoss Portal as any other web project.

More detail is available at JBIDE-2233, JBIDE-2234 and JBIDE-2574.

Portlet Wizard on non-WTP projects

The JBoss Portlet wizards no longer require a WTP project to be able to create Portlets.

Note: that if the project does not have the proper portlet API jar's the generated classes will have compile errors.

Portlet runtime validation

The portlet facets will now check the runtime if the libraries are available. If they are the facet will show up, if not they will be hidden.

If you want portal functionallity to always show no matter what the runtime support you can go to preferences and deselect "Check runtimes for portlet Components".

Portlet Libraries

Portlet wizards uses a new mechanism for setting up libraries which allow you to choose between user libraries, server runtimes or not include libraries at all.