Seam tools 2.0.0.CR1 What's New

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Up- or Down-grade of Seam versions

It is now possible to use the facet preferences to uprade or downgrade your projects Seam version.

The update is a "best-attempt" that will adjust the libraries, Seam facet and runtime version, but configuration files that refer to the old version will have to be manually updated.

Seam 2.1 support

There is now a Seam 2.1 runtime option and the components.xml editor supports the new XSD for Seam 2.1

Hot Deploy of WAR in EAR

The WAR generated for EAR's is now configured to utilize Seam hot-deployment (WEB-INF/dev) similar to standalone WAR projects.

action/model vs hot/main

To align with seam-gen in Seam 2.1 naming of source path's, action is now hot and model is now main. The reason being that hot and main better described what the folders are used for.

Open Web Browser

The Open Web Browser action is now directly available in the Seam perspective.


Severity preference for EL Syntax check

There is now a preference for setting severity of EL Syntax check to Error, Warning or Ignore.

Warning for wrong Seam version

The valdiator now checks if the runtime matches with the version referred to in components.xml, i.e. runtime is Seam 2.0, but components.xml refers to Seam 2.1

Wizards warns against existing file

The various Seam action,form,etc. wizard now warns if the wizard will generate a class or page that already exist.

Project Wizards escape spaces

Use of project names with spaces now work since we now escape the related package names.

entity-query support

<framework:entity-query name="postList" ...> is now recognized as a EntityQuery component making code completion aware of it methods/attributes.

Pages Editor

Delete on nodes

Nodes in graphical pages.xml can now be directly deleted by using the Delete key.

View ID browser

When referring a page node you can now browse for existing pages.


EL and Page Id's can now be navigate to directly via OpenOn's from source page.

Code completion

EL references is now code completed in the source tab of pages.xml. The graphical node now also provides code completion for page id and EL expressions..