Seam tools 3.1.0.M1 What's New

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Seam component refactoring

You can now rename Seam components and Seam tools will refactor the name changes in pages.xml, xhtml and java.

The refactoring is available in the context menu of classes that has a @Name annotation, in components.xml and from Seam components view.

Note: This feature is still experimental and we don't cover all possible combinations yet. If you bump into a problem please report it in jira or speak up in the forums.

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components.xml Editor

View-id refactoring in pages.xml

view-id's are updated in pages.xml now if correspondent xhtml was renamed.

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Open On's

Drools and jBPM OpenOn

Drools rule files, jBPM process and pageflow definitions can now be navigated to directly via OpenOn's from source tab of components.xml editor.

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OpenOn for @In

If user Ctrl+clicks on a field/method name with @In annotation then correspondent Seam context variable declarations are proposed to open.

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Image and templates

Image file can now be navigated to directly via OpenOn's from <s:graphicImage@value>.

Also OpenOn works for template attribute of <s:decorate> tags.

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Code Assist

Code assist works now for template attribute of <s:decorate>.

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