Visual Page Editor 2.1.0.Beta What's New

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Performance and memory usage

Some users reported excessive memory usage by our visual page editor. We investigated these and removed them. As a consequence you should not see a surge in memory usage when you open multiple editors which were the case before.

We also spent some cycles looking at performance which resulted in some rather big performance improvements with respect to editing.

Visual part seperated from source part

Previously the source editor were hardly coupled with the visual part resulting in the editor not always start up on machines where XULRunner can have problems running because of library or binary incompabilites.

Now the coupling have been removed and even if XULRunner cannot start you can still use the source part.

Experimental Linux 64-bit build

We now got a 64-bit Linux build so you don't have to use a 32-bit JVM on your Linux box anymore

TLD Version support

Previously we only supported one version for a tag thus if a JSF library changed it behavior/looks for an component between versions/releases we could not support it easily. Now the template system beneath the Visual Page Editor can handle different versions of the same tags by looking at the TLD-version used in the jsp/xhtml page.


<vpe:tag name="f:testTldVersion" case-sensitive="yes">
      <vpe:if test="tld_version('min=0.0 max=1.2')" >
          <vpe:template children="yes" modify="yes">
      <vpe:if test="tld_version('min=1.3 max=2.0')" >
          <vpe:template children="yes" modify="yes">
      <vpe:template children="yes" modify="yes">
      </vpe:template>//default template

Default Text formatting

Default text formatting can now be enabled for tags by just using use-default-formats='yes', removing the need to have duplicate vpe:format tags in your templates (see JBIDE-1491)