What's New Visual Page Editor

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Richfaces 3.3

Richfaces 3.3 is now supported in code completion and visual page editor.

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Restore Default for Palette

The palette preferences now have a 'Restore defaults' allowing you to pick up any new palette changes/additions.

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Tabbed Page Design Option dialog

The dialog for Page Design Options now uses tab's instead of one big cluttered dialog plus it and the related dialogs are now resizable.

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New CSS Dialog performance

The performance of the New CSS dialog have been improved so there no longer is a significant lag when editing certain attributes in the dialog.

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XML edit menu in Source part

The "Insert around", "Insert before", "Insert after", "Replace With" operations are now available in the source editor of Visual Page Editor. Before they were only available in the visual part.

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Folding in source editor

The source editor in Visual Page Editor now supports code folding. It is enabled by right clicking in the margin and selecting the Folding menu.

When enabled all HTML and XHTML tags can be folded/unfolded by clicking on the -/+ signs in the margin. Note, this support goes beyound what the default XML and HTML editor in Eclipse which only support HTML tags and not namespace prefixed XML tags.

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