What's New Visual Page Editor 3.1.0.CR2

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Visual Page Editor on RHEL5 x64

Visual Page Editor now works on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x64 after XULRunner now have been compiled for this platform.

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Missing Natures Dialog

When opening the visual page editor we now checks if the project is configured to use JSF and scan for resources needed in some of the code completion and rendering. If we find something missing we show a dialog informing about it.

If you don't want this warning just check the "Don't show this dialog again!".

VPE Missing Natures Dialog

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Possibility to add templates for unknown tags

It is now possible to add new template for unknown tags via VPE Preferences now. In addition you can edit tag name and tag URI in the Edit dialog

VPE Unknow Tags Add Dialog

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Templates for JSF 2.0 elements

Visual Editor supports new JSF 2.0 tags: h:button, h:link, h:ajax, ...

New JSF 2.0 tags

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Occurrences find/previous is enabled in VPE

Tag occurrences can be highlighted in source part of VPE.

VPE Tag occurrences support

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OpenOn on param 'name'

OpenOn now also works for JSF2 resources which are specified in parameter 'name' for h:outputStylesheet, h:outputScript and h:graphicImage.

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