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Better error information

If some error occurs during startup of the Visual Page Editor we now use the standard Eclipse-"error at editor startup" UI to give a common feel and users a better idea of what might have caused the error, i.e. a missing library or some programmatic error.

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Rendered attributes obey EL variables

Tags that has a rendered attribute to decide if it is shown or not will now obey EL expressions setup by user.

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Hide/Show Selection bar

The Hide/Show Selection button has been moved to the editor/view menu.

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Seam tags

Added support for the following Seam tags:

  • s:cache
  • s:conversationId
  • s:conversationPropogation
  • s:convertDateTime
  • s:convertEntity
  • s:convertEnum
  • s:defaultAction
  • s:enumItem
  • s:fragment
  • s:graphicImage
  • s:remote
  • s:selectItems
  • s:selectDate (was deprecated to rich:calendar)
  • s:validate
  • s:taskId
  • s:validateFormattedText

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