What's New Visual Page Editor 3.3.0.Beta1

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New look for BrowserSim

BrowserSim got a new main icon.

And with it also support for predefined skins.

Currently only an iPhone skin, but more are planned.

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Intelligent start page in BrowserSim

BrowserSim now tries to guess which page should be opened initially. For example, it will automatically view a page which is opened in Internal Browser.

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Visual/Source page editors synchronized scrolling

There is now a toggle for synchronized scrolling. This will keep the two views in sync while scrolling.

The synchronized scrooling toolbar button is located in Eclipse's toolbar:

Toolbar button

Preferences page has additional checkbox option for the row lock:

Preferences page

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Support of CSS @import expressions

Now CSS @import constructions are recognized in the editor. And imported css files are inserted into web page's content.

All the imported css styles are applied:

CSS @import construction

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