What's New Visual Page Editor 3.3.0.M2

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Disable Visual Editor

Eclipse may crash while using Visual Editor on some Linux distributions because of https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=349837.

To workaround this issue which will be fixed in 3.7.1, we've created a command-line option for the users who experience this problem. Adding the following line to eclipse.ini (or jbdevstudio.ini in JBDS) as -vmargs will disable the Visual tab in the Visual Page Editor:


You can also use that directly from the command line:

eclipse -vmargs -Dorg.jboss.tools.vpe.loadxulrunner=false

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Create JSF2 composite component via context menu

Now you can create JSF2 component from the context menu using current source selection.


Composite component will be created and registered on the page.


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