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Web Service Tester

New Checkbox to Turn off Web.xml updates

Starting in JBoss 6.0M4 entries in web.xml are not mandatory[1], only the fact that the web.xml file exists is mandatory. To handle this case, we now provide the option not to generate entries in the web.xml file.


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JAX-WS and JAX-RS Annotations and the Annotation Properties View

Annotation Properties View

There's a new Annotation Properties view in WTP for Eclipse Helios. It already comes pre-set with JAX-WS annotations and we've added JAX-RS annotations for RESTEasy as well.

For a few additional details, check out this blog post.

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Simple Web Service wizard

New wizard

In addition to the two Sample Web Service wizards (Create a Sample Web Service and Create a Sample RESTful Web Service), we've now added a third wizard to the mix. The Simple Web Service wizard allows you to specify your own annotated JAX-WS, JAX-RS, and application classes to quickly get your web project going.

For a walkthrough on using the wizard, check out Using the Sample Web Service Wizards in the wiki.

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