WS tools 1.2.0 M1 What's New

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Web Service Tester

A new Web Service Tester is available as a view in JBoss Tools. The tester, though still maturing a bit, provides the following functionality:

  • Tests JAX-WS and JAX-RS services
  • Get the information necessary to test a web service operation from an incoming WSDL (JAX-WS only)
  • Show the HTTP header details for each invoke
  • Integrate with the TCP/IP Monitor to provide additional details about each invoke

We've also been hard at work fixing issues as we find them, such as:

  • Handling nested WSDls and schemas imported into WSDLs. (JBIDE-6558)
  • Fixing minor issues (JBIDE-6544)
  • Using JAX-WS APIs instead of Axis APIs (JBIDE-6322)

Web Services Wizard

We've also addressed a few issues in the Web Service wizard:

  1. Adding '--show-traces' to executables used to produce web service artifacts for additional help when debugging (JBIDE-6499)
  2. Enabling generating WS source for multi-port WSDLs (JBIDE-6250)