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JAX-RS Tooling Performance Improvements

Previous version of the JAX-RS tooling used to scan the classpath jars to build the whole metamodel, but this operation could take a little (or too much time) when binary dependencies where added into a project (for example, when adding a bunch of maven dependencies at the same time) because Eclipse needed to index the jars before the search operation could be performed.

Starting with this new release, the JAX-RS tooling does not scan the jars and just focuses on the project sources, which means that adding jars in the project is a no-cost operation.

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JAX-RS Tooling Validation Refactored

The validation process is now aligned with other JBoss Tools plugin, which means that it allows for problem level configuration ("Error"/"Warning"/"Ingore") on all the validation rules that have been implemented so far.

With this new validation framework in place, extra validation rules have been implemented, including:

  • detecting missing/wrong @Target and @Retention annotations on your custom HttpMethod @interfaces
  • missing JAX-RS Activator (your JEE6 web application needs a class annotated with @ApplicationPath or some web.xml servlet-mapping)
  • reporting better problems when the @PathParam contains surrounding '{' '}' characters, when the @PathParam specifies a value that does not match any of the @Path template parameters and the @Path specifies a template parameters that does not match any of the @PathParam values.
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