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Chapter 21. WeldManager interface

WeldManager is an enhanced version of BeanManager which contains several additional methods. While some of them are designed to be used by integrators such as WildFly, others can be handy for users writing their CDI applications. Beginning with 3.1.0.Final, there is a built-in bean provided so that you can easily obtain it via @Inject WeldManager.

Here is a list of methods that this interface offers on top of what you can find in BeanManager:

public interface WeldManager extends BeanManager {

    <T> InjectionTarget<T> createInjectionTarget(EjbDescriptor<T> descriptor);
    <T> Bean<T> getBean(EjbDescriptor<T> descriptor);
    <T> EjbDescriptor<T> getEjbDescriptor(String ejbName);
    ServiceRegistry getServices();
    <X> InjectionTarget<X> fireProcessInjectionTarget(AnnotatedType<X> type);
    <X> InjectionTarget<X> fireProcessInjectionTarget(AnnotatedType<X> annotatedType, InjectionTarget<X> injectionTarget);
    String getId();
    Instance<Object> instance();
    <T> WeldInjectionTargetFactory<T> getInjectionTargetFactory(AnnotatedType<T> type);
    <T> WeldCreationalContext<T> createCreationalContext(Contextual<T> contextual);
    Bean<?> getPassivationCapableBean(BeanIdentifier identifier);
    <T> WeldInjectionTargetBuilder<T> createInjectionTargetBuilder(AnnotatedType<T> type);
    WeldManager unwrap();
    <T> AnnotatedType<T> createAnnotatedType(Class<T> type, String id);
    <T> void disposeAnnotatedType(Class<T> type, String id);
    boolean isContextActive(Class<? extends Annotation> scopeType);
    Collection<Class<? extends Annotation>> getScopes();
    Collection<Context> getActiveContexts();
    Collection<WeldAlterableContext> getActiveWeldAlterableContexts();

Please refer to the JavaDoc in the API to see what each method does.