What versions of maven will the plugin work with?

The plugin requires maven 3.3.1 or higher.


Why is there a server process still running when executing the start goal?

In version 1.1+ of the plugin the start goal was changed to the leave the server process running. If previously you relied on the maven process ending to shutdown the server you should now execute the shutdown goal before the maven process ends.


Why were the <beforeDeployment/>, <afterDeployment/>, <beforeAdd/>, <afterAdd/> options removed?

These options are redundant since the execute-commands goal could be run before and/or after a deployment goal.


Why was the <executeCommands/> option removed?

The complex <executeCommands/> configuration parameter has been deprecated in favor of using the simple parameters. All configuration parameters can now to the parent configuration element.

To migrate from previous versions of the plugin simply remove the surrounding <executeCommands></executeCommands> element from your configuration leaving the children elements.


Why the <domain/> configuration option removed?

The complex <domain/> configuration object was used to indicate which server group or profile a specific goals should be executed on. However it made more since for goals that use server groups to use a server-group array and goals that use profiles use a to use a profile array.

To migrate from a previous version of the plugin simply remove the wrapping <domain/> object.


Why the <jvm-args/> configuration option removed for the run and start?

The <jvm-args/> configuration string was removed in favor of the <java-opts/> configuration array. The <jvm-args/> required a space delimited string which could cause issues if options had a space in them. The new option is an array and allows spaces. However you can still use a space delimited set of arguments by using <jvm-args>-Dkey1=value1 -Dkey2=value2</jvm-args>.

To migrate from a previous version of the plugin simply change <jvm-args/> to <java-opts/>. Optionally you can use an array: