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Packages that use KnowledgeSessionOption

Uses of KnowledgeSessionOption in org.drools.runtime.conf

Subinterfaces of KnowledgeSessionOption in org.drools.runtime.conf
 interface MultiValueKnowledgeSessionOption
          A markup interface for MultiValueKnowledgeSessionConfiguration options
 interface SingleValueKnowledgeSessionOption
          A markup interface for SingleValueKnowledgeSessionConfiguration options

Classes in org.drools.runtime.conf that implement KnowledgeSessionOption
 class ClockTypeOption
          A class for the session clock configuration.
 class KeepReferenceOption
          Option to configure if the knowledge base should retain a reference to the knowledge session or not.
 class QueryListenerOption
          An enum to configure the session query listener configuration.
 class WorkItemHandlerOption
          WorkItemHandlers configuration option

Methods in org.drools.runtime.conf with type parameters of type KnowledgeSessionOption
<T extends KnowledgeSessionOption>
KnowledgeSessionOptionsConfiguration.setOption(T option)
          Sets an option

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