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Chapter 5. Tutorial Using Envers

Table of Contents

5.1. persistence.xml
5.2. The annotated entity Java class
5.3. Example code
5.4. Take it further!

This tutorial is located within the download bundle under envers.


This file was discussed in the JPA tutorial in Section 4.1, “persistence.xml, and is essentially the same here.

Again, the entity is largely the same as in Section 4.2, “The annotated entity Java class”. The major difference is the addition of the @org.hibernate.envers.Audited annotation, which tells Envers to automatically track changes to this entity.

Again, this tutorial makes use of the JPA APIs. However, the code also makes a change to one of the entities, then uses the Envers API to pull back the initial revision as well as the updated revision. A revision refers to a version of an entity.

Practice Exercises

  • Provide a custom revision entity to additionally capture who made the changes.

  • Write a query to retrieve only historical data which meets some criteria. Use the Envers User Guide to see how Envers queries are constructed.

  • Experiment with auditing entities which have many-to-one, many-to-many relations as well as collections. Try retrieving historical versions (revisions) of such entities and navigating the object tree.