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Packages that use CacheRpcCommand
org.infinispan.commands Commands that operate on the cache, either locally or remotely. 
org.infinispan.commands.control Commands that control and coordinate certain cache operations, such as rehashing, state transfer and locking. 
org.infinispan.commands.module Commands that read data from the cache. 
org.infinispan.commands.remote Meta-commands that wrap other commands for remote execution. 
org.infinispan.commands.tx Commands that represent transactional lifecycle transitions. 
org.infinispan.marshall.exts Externalizers for various JDK types that are marshalled using the marshalling framework. 
org.infinispan.remoting Remote communication between cache instances. 
org.infinispan.remoting.responses Abstractions of the different response types allowed during RPC. 
org.infinispan.util General utilities that are not specific to Infinispan, including string parsing helpers, reflection tools and collections and containers designed to supplement the JDK-provided containers. 
org.infinispan.util.logging Infinispan's logging abstractions that delegate to either JDK or Log4J logging engines. 

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands

Classes in org.infinispan.commands that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class RemoveCacheCommand
          Command to stop a cache and remove all its contents from both memory and any backing store.

Methods in org.infinispan.commands that return CacheRpcCommand
 CacheRpcCommand RemoteCommandsFactory.fromStream(byte id, Object[] parameters, byte type, String cacheName)
          Resolve an CacheRpcCommand from the stream.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.control

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.control that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class CacheViewControlCommand
          A control command to coordinate the installation of cache views between the members of the cluster.
 class LockControlCommand
          LockControlCommand is a command that enables distributed locking across infinispan nodes.
 class StateTransferControlCommand
          A control command to coordinate state transfer that may occur when nodes join or leave a cluster.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.module

Methods in org.infinispan.commands.module that return CacheRpcCommand
 CacheRpcCommand ExtendedModuleCommandFactory.fromStream(byte commandId, Object[] args, String cacheName)
          Construct and initialize a CacheRpcCommand based on the command id and argument array passed in.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in

Classes in that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class MapReduceCommand
          MapReduceCommand is used to migrate Mapper and Reducer to remote JVM where they will get invoked.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.remote

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.remote that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class BaseRpcCommand
 class BaseRpcInvokingCommand
          Base class for RPC commands.
 class ClusteredGetCommand
          Issues a remote get call.
 class MultipleRpcCommand
          Command that implements cluster replication logic.
 class SingleRpcCommand
          Similar to MultipleRpcCommand, but it only aggregates a single command for replication.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.remote.recovery

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.remote.recovery that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class CompleteTransactionCommand
          Command used by the recovery tooling for forcing transaction completion .
 class GetInDoubtTransactionsCommand
          Rpc to obtain all in-doubt prepared transactions stored on remote nodes.
 class GetInDoubtTxInfoCommand
          Command used by the recovery tooling for obtaining the list of in-doubt transactions from a node.
 class RecoveryCommand
          Base class for recovery-related rpc-commands.
 class TxCompletionNotificationCommand
          Command for removing recovery related information from the cluster.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.tx

Subinterfaces of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.commands.tx
 interface TransactionBoundaryCommand
          An transaction boundary command that allows the retrieval of an attached GlobalTransaction

Classes in org.infinispan.commands.tx that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class AbstractTransactionBoundaryCommand
          An abstract transaction boundary command that holds a reference to a GlobalTransaction
 class CommitCommand
          Command corresponding to the 2nd phase of 2PC.
 class PrepareCommand
          Command corresponding to the 1st phase of 2PC.
 class RollbackCommand
          Command corresponding to a transaction rollback.
 class VersionedCommitCommand
          The same as a CommitCommand except that version information is also carried by this command, used by optimistically transactional caches making use of write skew checking when using IsolationLevel.REPEATABLE_READ.
 class VersionedPrepareCommand
          Same as PrepareCommand except that the transaction originator makes evident the versions of entries touched and stored in a transaction context so that accurate write skew checks may be performed by the lock owner(s).

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.marshall.exts

Methods in org.infinispan.marshall.exts that return CacheRpcCommand
protected  CacheRpcCommand ReplicableCommandExternalizer.fromStream(byte id, Object[] parameters, byte type, String cacheName)
 CacheRpcCommand CacheRpcCommandExternalizer.readObject(ObjectInput input)

Methods in org.infinispan.marshall.exts that return types with arguments of type CacheRpcCommand
 Set<Class<? extends CacheRpcCommand>> CacheRpcCommandExternalizer.getTypeClasses()

Methods in org.infinispan.marshall.exts with parameters of type CacheRpcCommand
 void CacheRpcCommandExternalizer.writeObject(ObjectOutput output, CacheRpcCommand command)

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.query

Methods in org.infinispan.query that return CacheRpcCommand
 CacheRpcCommand CommandFactory.fromStream(byte commandId, Object[] args, String cacheName)

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.query.clustered

Classes in org.infinispan.query.clustered that implement CacheRpcCommand
 class ClusteredQueryCommand
          Encapsulates all rpc calls for distributed queries actions

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.remoting

Methods in org.infinispan.remoting with parameters of type CacheRpcCommand
 Response InboundInvocationHandlerImpl.handle(CacheRpcCommand cmd, Address origin)
 Response InboundInvocationHandler.handle(CacheRpcCommand command, Address origin)
          Invokes a command on the cache, from a remote source.

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.remoting.responses

Methods in org.infinispan.remoting.responses with parameters of type CacheRpcCommand
 Response ResponseGenerator.getResponse(CacheRpcCommand command, Object returnValue)
 Response DistributionResponseGenerator.getResponse(CacheRpcCommand command, Object returnValue)
 Response DefaultResponseGenerator.getResponse(CacheRpcCommand command, Object returnValue)

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.util

Methods in org.infinispan.util that return types with arguments of type CacheRpcCommand
 Collection<Class<? extends CacheRpcCommand>> ModuleProperties.moduleCacheRpcCommands()

Uses of CacheRpcCommand in org.infinispan.util.logging

Methods in org.infinispan.util.logging with parameters of type CacheRpcCommand
 void Log.exceptionHandlingCommand(CacheRpcCommand cmd, Throwable t)
 void Log.ignoreClusterGetCall(CacheRpcCommand cmd, String time)


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