Uses of Interface

Packages that use MVCCEntry
org.infinispan.container Data containers which store cache entries. 
org.infinispan.container.entries Entries which are stored in data containers. 

Uses of MVCCEntry in org.infinispan.container

Methods in org.infinispan.container that return MVCCEntry
protected  MVCCEntry IncrementalVersionableEntryFactoryImpl.createWrappedEntry(Object key, Object value, EntryVersion version, boolean isForInsert, boolean forRemoval, long lifespan)
protected  MVCCEntry EntryFactoryImpl.createWrappedEntry(Object key, Object value, EntryVersion version, boolean isForInsert, boolean forRemoval, long lifespan)
 MVCCEntry EntryFactoryImpl.wrapEntryForClear(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
 MVCCEntry EntryFactory.wrapEntryForClear(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
          Used for wrapping individual keys when clearing the cache.
 MVCCEntry EntryFactoryImpl.wrapEntryForPut(InvocationContext ctx, Object key, InternalCacheEntry icEntry, boolean undeleteIfNeeded)
 MVCCEntry EntryFactory.wrapEntryForPut(InvocationContext ctx, Object key, InternalCacheEntry ice, boolean undeleteIfNeeded)
          Used for wrapping a cache entry for addition to cache.
 MVCCEntry EntryFactoryImpl.wrapEntryForRemove(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
 MVCCEntry EntryFactory.wrapEntryForRemove(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
          Used for wrapping a cache entry for removal.
 MVCCEntry EntryFactoryImpl.wrapEntryForReplace(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
 MVCCEntry EntryFactory.wrapEntryForReplace(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
          Used for wrapping a cache entry for replacement.

Uses of MVCCEntry in org.infinispan.container.entries

Classes in org.infinispan.container.entries that implement MVCCEntry
 class ClusteredRepeatableReadEntry
          A version of RepeatableReadEntry that can perform write-skew checks during prepare.
 class NullMarkerEntry
          A marker entry to represent a null for repeatable read, so that a read that returns a null can continue to return null.
 class NullMarkerEntryForRemoval
          A null entry that is read in for removal
 class ReadCommittedEntry
          A wrapper around a cached entry that encapsulates read committed semantics when writes are initiated, committed or rolled back.
 class RepeatableReadEntry
          An extension of ReadCommittedEntry that provides Repeatable Read semantics


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