Constant Field Values


protected static final int CLASS 1
protected static final int OTHER_ADVISOR 1000

public static final String NOT_TRANSFORMABLE_SUFFIX "$aop"

public static final String DISPATCHER "DISPATCHER"
public static final String OID "OID"

public static final String ADD_CONSTRUCTION_INFO "addConstructionInfo"
public static final String ADD_CONSTRUCTOR_INFO "addConstructorInfo"
public static final String ADD_FIELD_READ_INFO "addFieldReadInfo"
public static final String ADD_FIELD_WRITE_INFO "addFieldWriteInfo"
public static final String ADD_METHOD_INFO "addMethodInfo"
public static final String GET_PARENT_ADVISOR "getParentAdvisor"

public static final int ARG_ARG -8
public static final int ARGS_ARG -6
public static final int CALLER_ARG -7
public static final int INVOCATION_ARG -2
public static final int JOINPOINT_ARG -1
public static final int RETURN_ARG -4
public static final int TARGET_ARG -3
public static final int THROWABLE_ARG -5

public static final short MAX_DEGREE 32766
public static final short NOT_ASSIGNABLE_DEGREE 32767

public static final String CLASSLOADER_DEPLOYED_XML ""

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_CByC_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_CByC_"

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_CByM_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_CByM_"

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_construction_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_construction_"

protected static final String CONSTRUCTOR_INFO_CLASS_NAME "org.jboss.aop.ConstructorInfo"
protected static final int CONSTRUCTOR_STATUS 0

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_constructor_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_constructor_"

protected static final int GET_INDEX 0
protected static final int SET_INDEX 1

public static final String READ_JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_r_"
public static final String READ_JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_r_"
public static final String WRITE_JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_w_"
public static final String WRITE_JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_w_"

public static final String GET_CLASS_ADVISOR "_getClassAdvisor"
public static final String GET_CURRENT_ADVISOR "getCurrentAdvisor$aop()"

public static final String HELPER_FIELD_NAME "aop$classAdvisor$aop"

protected static final String ARGUMENTS "arguments"
protected static final String CALLER_FIELD "callingObject"
public static final String DISPATCH "dispatch"
public static final String GENERATE_JOINPOINT_CLASS "generateJoinPointClass"
public static final String INFO_FIELD "info"
public static final String INITIALISE_LIGHTWEIGHT_INSTANCE_ASPECTS "initialisePerInstanceAspects"
public static final String INITIALISED_LIGHTWEIGHT_INSTANCE_ASPECTS "initialisedLightweightInstanceAspects"
public static final String INVOKE_JOINPOINT "invokeJoinpoint"
public static final String INVOKE_TARGET "invokeTarget"
public static final String IS_FOR_INSTANCE_ADVISOR "isForInstanceAdvisor"
public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_"
protected static final String TARGET_FIELD "targetObject"
protected static final String TYPED_CALLER_FIELD "typedCallingObject"
protected static final String TYPED_TARGET_FIELD "typedTargetObject"

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_MByC_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_MByC_"

public static final String JOINPOINT_CLASS_PREFIX "JoinPoint_MByM_"
public static final String JOINPOINT_FIELD_PREFIX "joinpoint_MByM_"

public static final String METHOD_INFO_CLASS_NAME "org.jboss.aop.MethodInfo"

public static final String PLACEHOLDER "whatever"

public static final String ENFORCE_ARGS_CONSISTENCY "enforceArgsConsistency"
protected static final String INVOKE_TARGET "invokeTarget"

protected static final int SINGLE_TRANSFORMATION_INDEX 0

public static final String EMPTY_TAG "$tagged$"

public static final int ABSTRACT 37
public static final int ALL 6
public static final int ALL_PARAMS 23
public static final int AND 3
public static final int ANNOTATION 53
public static final int ARRAY 59
public static final int ARRAY_CLASS 52
public static final int BEHAVIOR 2
public static final int BEHAVIOR_CLOSE 63
public static final int BEHAVIOR_NOT 61
public static final int CALL 5
public static final int CLASS 49
public static final int COMMA 30
public static final int CONSTRUCTION 8
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DOT 58
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EXCEPTION_SEPERATOR 51
public static final int EXECUTION 7
public static final int FIELD 13
public static final int FIELD_ABSTRACT 66
public static final int FIELD_ANNOTATION 80
public static final int FIELD_ARRAY 84
public static final int FIELD_ARRAY_CLASS 79
public static final int FIELD_CLASS 77
public static final int FIELD_CLOSE 87
public static final int FIELD_DECLARATION 3
public static final int FIELD_DOT 83
public static final int FIELD_FINAL 67
public static final int FIELD_IDENTIFIER 81
public static final int FIELD_INSTANCEOF 75
public static final int FIELD_NATIVE 73
public static final int FIELD_NOT 86
public static final int FIELD_PACKAGE 78
public static final int FIELD_PRIVATE 68
public static final int FIELD_PROTECTED 69
public static final int FIELD_PUBLIC 70
public static final int FIELD_SEPARATOR 85
public static final int FIELD_STATIC 71
public static final int FIELD_SYNCHRONIZED 74
public static final int FIELD_TRANSIENT 72
public static final int FIELD_TYPEDEF 76
public static final int FIELD_WILD_LETTER 82
public static final int FINAL 38
public static final int GET 11
public static final int HAS 9
public static final int HAS_FIELD 10
public static final int IDENTIFIER 56
public static final int IMPLEMENTING 55
public static final int IMPLEMENTS 54
public static final int INSTANCEOF 47
public static final int NATIVE 43
public static final int NEW 45
public static final int NOT 20
public static final int OR 4
public static final int PACKAGE 50
public static final int PARAM_ANNOTATION 26
public static final int PARAM_ARRAY 33
public static final int PARAM_ARRAY_CLASS 25
public static final int PARAM_CLASS 24
public static final int PARAM_DOT 32
public static final int PARAM_IDENTIFIER 29
public static final int PARAM_INSTANCEOF 27
public static final int PARAM_TYPEDEF 28
public static final int PARAM_WILD_LETTER 31
public static final int PARAMS 1
public static final int PARAMS_CLOSE 34
public static final int PARAMS_OPEN 62
public static final int POINTCUT 16
public static final int POINTCUT_DOT 19
public static final int POINTCUT_IDENTIFIER 17
public static final int POINTCUT_WILD_LETTER 18
public static final int PRIVATE 39
public static final int PROTECTED 40
public static final int PUBLIC 41
public static final int SEPARATOR 60
public static final int SET 12
public static final int STATIC 42
public static final int SYNCHRONIZED 44
public static final int THROWS 46
public static final int TYPEDEF 48
public static final int WILD_LETTER 57
public static final int WITHIN 14
public static final int WITHINCODE 15

public static final int JJTALL 18
public static final int JJTALLPARAMETER 34
public static final int JJTAND 7
public static final int JJTANDCFLOW 14
public static final int JJTATTRIBUTE 31
public static final int JJTBOOLEAN 3
public static final int JJTCALL 19
public static final int JJTCFLOW 17
public static final int JJTCFLOWBOOLEAN 10
public static final int JJTCFLOWEXPRESSION 9
public static final int JJTCOMPOSITE 4
public static final int JJTCOMPOSITECFLOW 12
public static final int JJTCONSTRUCTION 23
public static final int JJTCONSTRUCTOR 32
public static final int JJTEXCEPTION 30
public static final int JJTEXECUTION 22
public static final int JJTEXECUTIONONLY 1
public static final int JJTFIELD 35
public static final int JJTFIELDEXECUTION 28
public static final int JJTGET 26
public static final int JJTHAS 24
public static final int JJTHASFIELD 25
public static final int JJTMETHOD 29
public static final int JJTNOT 5
public static final int JJTNOTCFLOW 11
public static final int JJTOR 8
public static final int JJTORCFLOW 15
public static final int JJTPARAMETER 33
public static final int JJTPOINTCUT 16
public static final int JJTSET 27
public static final int JJTSTART 0
public static final int JJTSUB 6
public static final int JJTSUBCFLOW 13
public static final int JJTVOID 2
public static final int JJTWITHIN 20
public static final int JJTWITHINCODE 21

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int ABSTRACT 28
public static final int ALL_PARAMS 14
public static final int AND 3
public static final int ANNOTATION 43
public static final int ARRAY 48
public static final int ARRAY_CLASS 42
public static final int BEHAVIOR 2
public static final int BEHAVIOR_CLOSE 52
public static final int BEHAVIOR_NOT 50
public static final int CLASS 40
public static final int CLASS_EXPR 8
public static final int COMMA 21
public static final int CONSTRUCTOR_EXPR 10
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DOT 46
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EXCEPTION_SEPERATOR 47
public static final int FIELD 7
public static final int FIELD_ABSTRACT 55
public static final int FIELD_ANNOTATION 69
public static final int FIELD_ARRAY 73
public static final int FIELD_ARRAY_CLASS 68
public static final int FIELD_CLASS 66
public static final int FIELD_CLOSE 76
public static final int FIELD_DECLARATION 3
public static final int FIELD_DOT 72
public static final int FIELD_FINAL 56
public static final int FIELD_IDENTIFIER 70
public static final int FIELD_INSTANCEOF 64
public static final int FIELD_NATIVE 62
public static final int FIELD_NOT 75
public static final int FIELD_PACKAGE 67
public static final int FIELD_PRIVATE 57
public static final int FIELD_PROTECTED 58
public static final int FIELD_PUBLIC 59
public static final int FIELD_SEPARATOR 74
public static final int FIELD_STATIC 60
public static final int FIELD_SYNCHRONIZED 63
public static final int FIELD_TRANSIENT 61
public static final int FIELD_TYPEDEF 65
public static final int FIELD_WILD_LETTER 71
public static final int FINAL 29
public static final int HAS 5
public static final int HAS_FIELD 6
public static final int IDENTIFIER 44
public static final int INSTANCEOF 38
public static final int METHOD_EXPR 9
public static final int NATIVE 34
public static final int NEW 36
public static final int NOT 11
public static final int OR 4
public static final int PACKAGE 41
public static final int PARAM_ANNOTATION 19
public static final int PARAM_ARRAY 24
public static final int PARAM_ARRAY_CLASS 18
public static final int PARAM_CLASS 17
public static final int PARAM_DOT 23
public static final int PARAM_IDENTIFIER 20
public static final int PARAM_INSTANCEOF 15
public static final int PARAM_TYPEDEF 16
public static final int PARAM_WILD_LETTER 22
public static final int PARAMS 1
public static final int PARAMS_CLOSE 25
public static final int PARAMS_OPEN 51
public static final int PRIVATE 30
public static final int PROTECTED 31
public static final int PUBLIC 32
public static final int SEPARATOR 49
public static final int STATIC 33
public static final int SYNCHRONIZED 35
public static final int THROWS 37
public static final int TYPEDEF 39
public static final int WILD_LETTER 45

public static final int JJTALLPARAMETER 14
public static final int JJTAND 6
public static final int JJTATTRIBUTE 11
public static final int JJTBOOLEAN 2
public static final int JJTCLASS 16
public static final int JJTCOMPOSITE 3
public static final int JJTCONSTRUCTOR 12
public static final int JJTEXCEPTION 17
public static final int JJTFIELD 15
public static final int JJTHAS 8
public static final int JJTHASFIELD 9
public static final int JJTMETHOD 10
public static final int JJTNOT 4
public static final int JJTOR 7
public static final int JJTPARAMETER 13
public static final int JJTSTART 0
public static final int JJTSUB 5
public static final int JJTVOID 1

public static final String PROXY_NAME_PREFIX "AOPContainerProxy$"

public static final int REFERENCE_SOFT 2
public static final int REFERENCE_WEAK 1

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