Annotation Type Args

public @interface Args

Use this annotation on the advice parameter that receives the complete list of joinpoint argument values.
The annotated parameter must be of type Object[] and there should not be any other advice parameter annotated either with Arg or with Args itself.
For procedure executions and calls, this parameter will contain the arguments of the execution or call, in the same order they occur in the intercepted code. For interception of field write joinpoints, it will contain a single element: the value of the field write. For field read joinpoints, this parameter value will always be null.
Notice that primitive argument values are converted to their respective wrappers.
Any change that the advice performs on this parameter will be reflected on the next advices in the stack, and on the joinpoint itself (unless the advice performs a change after the joinpoint execution). Such a change must be compatible to the joinpoint argument types.

Flavia Rainone

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