Interface JoinpointClassifier.Matcher

Enclosing class:

protected static interface JoinpointClassifier.Matcher

This interface encapsulates a matching method. This allows us to use instances of Matcher as references to matching methods.

Method Summary
 boolean matches(Pointcut pointcut, Advisor advisor, javassist.CtMember member)
          Checks if pointcut matches a joinpoint.

Method Detail


boolean matches(Pointcut pointcut,
                Advisor advisor,
                javassist.CtMember member)
                throws javassist.NotFoundException
Checks if pointcut matches a joinpoint. The joinpoint this method refers to is dependend of the Macther interface implementer. All that is known about the joinpoint is the class member related to it: member.

pointcut - the pointcut whose matching will be tested.
advisor - advisor associated with the class declaring member.
member - class member related to the joinpoint.
true if the pointcut matches the joinpoint.
javassist.NotFoundException - thrown if the matching of pointcut fails.

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