Package org.jboss.cache.eviction

Interface Summary
EvictionAlgorithm Interface for all eviction algorithms.
EvictionConfiguration Eviction Configuration Interface.
EvictionPolicy Generic eviction policy interface.
EvictionQueue Eviction Queue interface defines a contract for the Eviction Queue implementations used by EvictionPolicies.
SortedEvictionQueue Sorted Eviction Queue implementation.

Class Summary
BaseEvictionAlgorithm Abstract Event Processing Eviction Algorithm.
BaseEvictionPolicy Base class implementation of EvictionPolicy and TreeCacheListener.
BaseSortedEvictionAlgorithm An abstract SortedEvictionAlgorithm.
EvictedEventNode Value object used in evicted event node queue.
EvictionTimerTask Timer threads to do periodic node clean up by running the eviction policy.
FIFOAlgorithm First-in-first-out algorithm used to evict nodes.
FIFOConfiguration FIFO Configuration for FIFO Eviction Policy.
FIFOPolicy Eviction policy based on the FIFO algorithm where users can specify the max number of nodes.
FIFOQueue FIFO Eviction Queue implementation for FIFO Policy.
LFUAlgorithm Least Frequently Used algorithm for cache eviction.
LFUConfiguration LFU Configuration implementation for LFU Policy.
LFUPolicy Least Frequently Used Eviction Policy.
LFUQueue LFUQueue EvictionQueue implementation for LFU Policy.
LRUAlgorithm Least recently Used algorithm to purge old data.
LRUConfiguration LRU Configuration implementation.
LRUPolicy Provider to provide eviction policy.
LRUQueue LRU Eviction Queue implementation.
MRUAlgorithm Most Recently Used Algorithm.
MRUConfiguration MRUConfiguration EvictionConfiguration implementation for MRUPolicy.
MRUPolicy Most Recently Used Policy.
MRUQueue MRU Eviction Queue implementation.
NodeEntry Value object used in queue
Region A region is a collection of tree cache nodes that share the same eviction policy configurations, e.g., maxNodes, etc.
RegionManager Factory to create region from configuration, to track region, and to resolve naming conflict for regions.

Exception Summary
RegionNameConflictException Region name conflicts with pre-existing regions.

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