Package org.jboss.cache.lock

Interface Summary
LockStrategy Interface to specify lock strategy, e.g., for different isolation levels.

Class Summary
IdentityLock Lock object which grants and releases locks, and associates locks with owners.
IsolationLevel Various transaction isolation levels as an enumerated class.
LockMap Provide lock ownership mapping.
LockStrategyFactory Factory to create LockStragtegy instance.
LockStrategyNone Transaction isolation level of None.
LockStrategyReadCommitted Transaction isolation level of READ_COMMITTED.
LockStrategyReadUncommitted Transaction isolation level of READ-UNCOMMITTED.
LockStrategyRepeatableRead Transaction isolation level of Repeatable_Read.
LockStrategySerializable Lock strategy of Serializable that prevents dirty read, non-repeatable read, and phantom read.
NonBlockingWriterLock NonBlockingWriterLock is a read/write lock (with upgrade) that has non-blocking write lock acquisition on existing read lock(s).
SimpleLock Simple lock that does not differentiate read and write lock.
ThreadLocalMap Map which reduces concurrency and potential memory leaks for non-static ThreadLocals.

Exception Summary
DeadlockException Used when a lock acquisition would cause a deadlock.
LockingException Used for all locking-related exceptions, e.g.
TimeoutException Thrown when a timeout occurred.
UpgradeException Used when a read-lock cannot be upgraded to a write-lock

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