Package org.jboss.cache

Interface Summary
DataNode Represents a DataNode in the cache.
ExtendedTreeCacheListener Callbacks for various events regarding TreeCache.
TransactionManagerLookup Factory interface, allows TreeCache to use different transactional systems.
TreeCacheListener Callbacks for various events regarding TreeCache.
TreeCacheMBean MBean interface.
TreeCacheViewMBean MBean interface.
TreeNode Represents a node in the tree.

Class Summary
AbstractNode Base class for Node.
AbstractTreeCacheListener An abstract implementation of TreeCacheListener and ExtendedTreeCacheListener.
BatchModeTransactionManagerLookup Returns an instance of DummyTransactionManager, used by standalone cache.
ConsoleListener This class provides a non-graphical view of JBossCache replication events for a replicated cache.
DummyTransactionManagerLookup Returns an instance of DummyTransactionManager, used by standalone cache.
Fqn Fully qualified name.
GenericTransactionManagerLookup A generic class that chooses the best-fit TransactionManager.
GlobalTransaction Uniquely identifies a transaction that spans all nodes in a cluster.
InvocationContext This context holds information specific to a method invocation.
JBossTransactionManagerLookup Default implementation.
Modification Represents a modification in the cache.
Node Basic data node class.
OptimisticTransactionEntry Subclasses the TransactionEntry class to add a TransactionWorkspace.
OptimisticTreeNode OptimisticTreeNode contains a data version.
PropertyConfigurator A generic object property configurator.
ReplicationQueue Periodically (or when certain size is exceeded) takes elements and replicates them.
TransactionEntry This is the value (key being the GlobalTransaction) in the transaction table of TreeCache.
TransactionTable Maintains the mapping between local (Transaction) and global transactions (GlobalTransaction).
TreeCache A tree-like structure that is replicated across several members.
TreeCacheView Graphical view of a ReplicatedTree (using the MVC paradigm).
TreeCacheView2 Graphical view of a ReplicatedTree (using the MVC paradigm).
Version Contains version information about this release of TreeCache.

Exception Summary
CacheException CacheException, mother of all cache exceptions
NodeNotExistsException Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
RegionNotEmptyException Thrown when an attempt is made to activate a subtree roote in Fqn that already has an existing node in the cache.
ReplicationException Thrown when a replication problem occurred
SuspectException Thrown when a member is suspected during remote method invocation

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