Package org.jboss.cache.aop

Interface Summary
AopMarker Marker interface for use in aop annotation declaration.
BaseInterceptor Base cache interceptor
InstanceOfAopMarker Marker interface for use in aop annotation declaration.
PojoCacheIfc Interface for PojoCache.
PojoCacheMBean MBean interface for PojoCache.
TreeCacheAopIfc Deprecated. Since 1.4, replaced by PojoCacheIfc
TreeCacheAopMBean Deprecated. Since 1.4, replaced by PojoCacheMBean
WriteReplaceable Deprecated. 1.0

Class Summary
AOPInstance Wrapper type for cached AOP instances.
CachedAttribute Class represent a class attribute.
CachedType Represent a cached object type, e.g., whether it is primitive or not.
CacheInterceptor Created: Sat Apr 26 10:35:01 2003
CollectionClassHandler Handling the Collection class management.
InternalDelegate PojoCache delegation to handle internal cache sotre, that is, the portion that is not part of user's data.
MarshalledTreeCache Version of TreeCache that added call to handle marshalling values.
ModificationEntry Modification entry for undo compensation.
ObjectGraphHandler Handle the object graph management.
PojoCache PojoCache implementation class.
PojoTxSynchronizationHandler Handling the rollback operation for PojoCache level, specifically interceptor add/remove, etc.
SerializableObjectHandler Handle Serializable object cache management.
TreeCacheAop Deprecated. Since 1.4, replaced by PojoCache
TreeCacheAopDelegate Delegate class for PojoCache.
TreeCacheView2 Graphical view of a ReplicatedTree (using the MVC paradigm).
WriteReplacer Deprecated. 1.0

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