Package org.jboss.cache.factories

Class Summary
BuddyManagerFactory Buddy manager factory
CacheConfigsXmlParser Parser able to parse a series of cache configurations stored in an XML document with the following structure: ....
ComponentFactory Factory that creates components used internally within JBoss Cache, and also wires dependencies into the components.
ComponentRegistry A registry where components which have been created are stored.
EmptyConstructorFactory Simple factory that just uses reflection and an empty constructor of the component type.
InterceptorChainFactory Factory class that builds an interceptor chain based on cache configuration.
ReplicationQueueFactory RPCManager factory
RuntimeConfigAwareFactory An extension of the EmptyConstructorFactory that places a component in the RuntimeConfig after creating it.
TransactionManagerFactory Uses a number of mechanisms to retrieve a transaction manager.
XmlConfigurationParser Reads in XMLconfiguration files and spits out a Configuration object.

Enum Summary
ComponentRegistry.State Represents the state of a component

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