Package org.jboss.cache

Interface Summary
Cache<K,V> Interface for a Cache where data mappings are grouped and stored in a tree data structure consisting of Nodes.
CacheFactory<K,V> This factory constructs a cache from a given or default configuration set.
CacheManager Factory and registry for JBoss Cache instances configured using named configurations.
CacheSPI<K,V> A more detailed interface to Cache, which is used when writing plugins for or extending JBoss Cache.
Node<K,V> A Node is a named logical grouping of data in the JBoss Cache.
NodeSPI<K,V> A more detailed interface to Node, which is used when writing plugins for or extending JBoss Cache.
Region Defines characteristics such as class loading and eviction of Nodes belonging to a Region in a Cache.
RPCManager Provides a mechanism for communicating with other caches in the cluster.
TreeCacheViewMBean MBean interface.

Class Summary
AbstractNode<K,V> Base class for UnversionedNode.
CacheImpl The default implementation class of Cache and CacheSPI.
CacheManagerImpl Basic implementation of CacheManager.
ConsoleListener This class provides a non-graphical view of JBossCache replication events for a replicated cache.
DefaultCacheFactory<K,V> Default implementation of the CacheFactory interface.
Fqn<E> A Fully Qualified Name (Fqn) is a list of names (typically Strings but can be any Object), which represent a path to a particular Node or sometimes a Region in a Cache.
FqnComparator Compares the order of two FQN.
InvocationContext This context holds information specific to a method invocation.
Modification Represents a modification in the cache.
NodeFactory<K,V> Generates new nodes based on the CacheSPI configuration.
RegionImpl Default implementation of a Region
RegionManager Manages multiple Regions for a Cache instance.
RPCManagerImpl Manager that handles all RPC calls between JBoss Cache instances
UnversionedNode<K,V> Basic data node class.
Version Contains version information about this release of JBoss Cache.
Version.Retro Retroweaver version info.
VersionedNode<K,V> VersionedNode extends the UnversionedNode by adding a DataVersion property.

Enum Summary
CacheStatus Various states that an object that has a four stage lifecycle (i.e.
Region.Status Region status
Region.Type Types of regions.

Exception Summary
CacheException Thrown when operations on Cache or Node fail unexpectedly.
NodeNotExistsException Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
NodeNotValidException Thrown whenever operations are attempted on a node that is no longer valid.
RegionNotEmptyException Thrown when an attempt is made to RegionManager.activate(Fqn) activate a subtree} root in Fqn that already has an existing node in the cache.
ReplicationException Thrown when a replication problem occurred
SuspectException Thrown when a member is suspected during remote method invocation

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