Package org.jboss.cache.pojo.collection

Class Summary
CachedArray A CachedArray is the base class for cache backed array access.
CachedArrayRegistry An internal registry which is responsible for mapping a Java array instance to a CachedArray.
CachedListImpl List implementation that uses cache as a backend store.
CachedMapImpl Map that uses cache as a backend store.
CachedObjectArray A CachedObjectArray is used to back arrays with a component type that extends Object.
CachedPrimitiveArray A CachedPrimitiveArray is used to back arrays which have primitive component types.
CachedSetImpl Set implementation that uses a cache as an underlying backend store.
CollectionInterceptorUtil CollectionInterceptorUtil contains helper methods for the interceptors of the different collection types.
IntegerCache Cache of integers in String format from 0-99.

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