Package org.jboss.cache.pojo.util

Class Summary
AopUtil Unitlity methods for put, get and remove Collection classes object.
CacheApiUtil Utility for the 2.0 Cache API
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap<K,V> An advanced hash table supporting configurable garbage collection semantics of keys and values, optional referential-equality, full concurrency of retrievals, and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.
MethodCall A special MethodCall object to wrap around the rollback method call.
Null Represent null values (based on org.jboss.util.Null)
ObjectUtil Unitlity methods for pojo object.
PrivilegedCode Performs privileged actions

Enum Summary
ConcurrentReferenceHashMap.ReferenceType An option specifying which Java reference type should be used to refer to a key and/or value.

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