Interface SearchableCache<K,V>

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public interface SearchableCache<K,V>
extends org.jboss.cache.Cache<K,V>

This will be the most used interface in JBossCache searchable. It extends Cache and therefore will have the standard get(), put() and remove() methods. The additional method is the createQuery method which people will use to build their Hibernate Search queries from a luceneQuery - Hibernate Search users will be very familiar with this.

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Method Summary
 CacheQuery createQuery( luceneQuery, Class... classes)
          Creates a CacheQuery from a lucene query and a class array.
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Method Detail


CacheQuery createQuery( luceneQuery,
                       Class... classes)
Creates a CacheQuery from a lucene query and a class array.

classes - - array of classes to be searched from.
luceneQuery - - from Query
a CacheQuery instance from which the user can get a list/iterator object.

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