Package org.jboss.soa.esb.connection

Interface Summary
ConnectionFactory Factory interface for creating connections based on different sources such as Driver, DriverManager or any third party implementation
ConnectionPool Interface that needs to be implemented to provide pool of connections.
PasswordDecoder Interface to be implemented by classes when they need to return the DB password for the connection by using their own algorithm.

Class Summary
AbandonedConnectionTimerTask Timer task which will run at scheduled times based on the property set by the user.
ConnectionPoolFactory Factory class which creates a connection pool.
ConnectionProperties Connection Property class which stores all connection and connection pool properties.
ConnectionWrapper Wrapper class which encapsulates @link Connection
DefaultConnectionPoolImpl Default connection pool implementation class when none is specified by the user in @link ConnectionProperties
DriverConnectionFactory Driver implementation of Connection Factory
FreeConnectionPoolResources Shutdown Hook into the JVM.
PoolDataSource Implementation if Datasource for getting connections from pool.