Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.gateway

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractFileGateway Base class for all file gateways: local filesystem, ftp, sftp and ftps.
SqlTableGatewayListener Polls an SQL table for rows that satisfy conditions defined in the xml runtime configuration

When a row that matches conditions is retrieved, it's contents are packed into an ESB Message and

The following fields are mandatory (see checkMyParms()):

SQL table name
list of fields to retrieve
list of key fields to use in the update statement
a field that will be used to mark a row as 'pending(p)', 'in process(w)', 'done(d)' or 'in error(e)'

SqlTableGatewayListener.PackageRowContents Default gateway action for SQL table rows

It will just drop the result set contents into a Message


Enum Summary

Exception Summary
GatewayException Gateway Exception.